Energy for Healing - Healing Touch
I was skeptic as I tend to only believe in "conventional" medicine.  One day I had a migraine at work and it was really busy, no time to lay down, got to keep working.  Denise with her healing touch came and was able to take away my migraine.  I could actually feel the positive energy work and alleviate the headache. I just wish Denise worked with me every shift, just in case!!
Jill Grooms, RN
I have had many healing sessions with Denise.  She is a very gentle, calming, always makes one feel like she is so glad to work with you.  I also know that the healing therapy works.  I had recent surgery that I think healed faster from Denise working with me.  I have had clearing sessions that worked.  I always feel refreshed and healed after sessions.  I would highly recommend Denise, it is an extremely positive experience.    Sheila Rutt, RN
"I have coped with depression for many years, and have tried a multitude of treatment approaches to diminish symptoms. Healing touch as provided me with the help that I was unable to get through medical means. Not only have I noticed significant improvements in my depression symptoms, but my overall well-being is the highest and healthiest that it has been in years. Having integrated healing touch into my life, I cannot imagine life without it!"   Aimee
Denise is one of the most caring, compassionate, loving, kindhearted, and brave women I have ever known.  Her healing touch has helped me in many ways work through the deep pain and emotional trauma I have experienced in this life...I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to meet her and work with her.  I highly recommend her to all that want to feel good energy and love.   Meghan L.
What a Healing Touch Session with Denise means to me...
Relaxation and healing for my mind and body~Renewal of my spirit-Rejuvenation of my positive energy. 
Denise is a very kind, compassionate and caring person...I feel blessed with the opportunity to go to her for Healing Touch!  When I told my 15 year old daughter that I wanted to bring her to Denise for a Healing Touch session last summer after she got a concussion, she thought I was crazy and wanted nothing to do with it!  Well, after that first session she felt so much better that she has gone back to Denise happily ever since for other sports injuries; she thinks it's cool that you can feel the energy moving through your body.  Thank you, Denise!     Joni  RN
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